Joint Seminary Boards Meet. Post-Convention Work Picks Up.

Two sections of the press release are especially worth highlighting:

Among the actions approved, the joint boards agreed to establish a formal process for the leadership of each board to meet regularly, in addition to the bylaw-established annual joint meeting of the full board. This leadership group will help increase dialogue and coordination between the seminaries, and will assist in setting the agenda for the annual joint board meeting.


Together, Presidents Rast and Meyer presented on the state of the seminaries. They completed their presentation with frank truth and in the hope we have in Christ: “The challenges facing our seminaries and our Church are many, but our Lord is faithful and He will see us through these current and future challenges just as He has in the past.”

It is wonderful to see both of our Seminaries being led faithfully and well, and working so well together. They are a wonderful example of koinonia for us to seek to imitate in the LCMS. See the whole press release here.