Today at Convention – Thursday, July 25th

Overview of the Day
What should you expect on Thursday, July 25th?

  • Many of the Floor Committees are not done with business yet. #12 is on the orders of the day already, but otherwise expect 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, or 11 to make appearances at some point during the morning.

Key Items of the Day
The final day is all about finishing up business not yet dealt with. It can get kind of crazy! Be on your toes and ready to act.

Recap of Wednesday, July 24th

  • Rev. John Wohlrabe preached to the Convention during Matins on Thursday morning. Watch/listen to the service here.
  • Several floor committees brought resolutions to the floor. Significant discussion took place on several, especially those of floor committee 7.
  • More elections were held to various Boards of Regents of the Synod’s St. Louis seminary and the Concordia Universities.
  • A special recognition of the former Presidents of the Synod took place.
  • The service of the commemoration of the faithful departed was held on Thursday afternoon.