Rev. Peter K. Lange – Leader, Pastor, Confessor of the Faith

Rev. Peter K. Lange has served as president of the Kansas District since 2015; he was unanimously elected to a second term in 2018. He is, by reputation, a highly effective leader and team builder, well-regarded and trusted by his peers, his staff, and those he serves. Under President Lange’s leadership, the Kansas District has made significant improvements in numerous areas, including visitation, the call process, mission outreach, communication and transparency, worker support, administrative efficiency, and unity building. Throughout his tenure, he has prioritized a strong working relationship with the Synod, emphasizing the role of the district as “Synod in this place.”

Rev. Lange’s experience as Kansas District president would serve him well in the position of LCMS first vice-president, as would his leadership experience at the Synod level. He currently serves as secretary of the Council of Presidents (elected after just one term)and is a member of the Synod’s Program Committee. He has served on floor committees at three Synod conventions, serving this year as chair of Floor Committee 2 (International Witness) and in 2016 as chair of Floor Committee 15 (Reformation). He was appointed to the 13–01A Task Force on the Royal Priesthood and the Office of the Public Ministry after the 2016 Synod Convention, and in 2018, he was appointed to serve as the LCMS representative on the Board of Directors of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane (LTS), South Africa.

From everything we know about President Lange, we’re confident that the office of first vice-president would be in good hands if he were elected. To learn more, visit the Kansas District website,, where you can check out President Lange’s 2019 convention report and Sermons and Articles page.

We at Synod Convention Update strongly recommend a vote for Rev. Peter K. Lange for First Vice-President of the Synod.