Rev. Dr. John Sias – Consistent, Impartial, Faithful, and Studious Secretary of the Synod

Another election we want to highlight for you is the election of Secretary of Synod. Three years ago, the Rev. Dr. Raymond Hartwig retired as Secretary after serving in the position for 18 years. Rev. Dr. Hartwig showed what a benefit it can be to the Synod when a careful, fair, faithful man serves as Secretary for an extended period of time. To replace him as Secretary, the Rev. Dr. John Sias was elected.

Rev. Dr. Sias has worked diligently and fruitfully during this past triennium, and we without hesitation recommend a vote to elect Rev. Dr. John Sias to a second term as Secretary of Synod.

Here’s Rev. Dr. Sias’ statement from the Biographical Synopses and Statements of Nominees document:

It’s been a profound honor and humbling charge to serve the Synod’s congregations as their Secretary, in an office devoted to good order and clear communication, and to holding before the Synod, its officers, and agencies the common commitments and aims adopted under our univocal, unequivocal, and joyful confession of God’s Word and the Lutheran Confessions. Modernization and improvement of services are important and underway; greater and more rewarding is the endeavor, with and for the whole Synod, “to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace,” in which we will reap if we do not give up.

Here’s a wonderful description of Dr. Sias, endorsing a vote for him in 2016, written by Carl T. Egger, PhD of Muscatine, IA:

Rev. Sias is one of the most unique and most capable men I have ever known. As soon as Rev. Hartwig said that he was not going to stand for reelection, I asked Rev. Sias if he would be interested. I was privileged to enter a nomination for Rev. Sias.

He is confessional, brilliant, personable, a “quick study”, professional, energetic yet patient, hard working, and thoughtful, among other favorable attributes. He currently serves three congregations in Montana and was elected Second Vice-President of the Montana District. He seems to have an antenna for everyone and everything that goes on in the Synod. He is a good listener. His advance familiarity with the office of Secretary comes at least in part from the CCN work as well as from his service on the Commission for Constitutional Matters (CCM). He is at ease with electronic media, so important to the office in this age. In fact, immediately upon earning his PhD in Engineering in 2005, he enrolled directly in the seminary.

Rev. Dr. Sias is also a careful and insightful theologian. Why not, as you travel to the Synod Convention, take some time to be instructed by Rev. Dr. Sias in this series of discussion about witnessing Christ in our lives, from the Issues, Etc. archives?

1. Witnessing Christ, Part 1: Where Christ Speaks and Works
2. Witnessing Christ, Part 2: Law and Gospel
3. Witnessing Christ, Part 3: Justification and the Means of Grace
4. Witnessing Christ, Part 4: Words and Life
5. Witnessing Christ, Part 5: On the Front Lines