Resolution Summaries – Floor Committee 9

We want to make your life a little bit easier as you prepare for the Synod Convention. We’re compiling short summaries of all the Resolutions found in Today’s Business #1. This is not so that Delegates don’t take the time to carefully study all of the Resolutions, but for reference after that, to quickly have an idea about what resolution is what. Or perhaps these summaries will help you understand what you just read! Either way, please make use of these as you find helpful.

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Floor Committee 9 – Structure and Administration

9–01 – To Amend Various Bylaws for Purposes of Clarification
Amends various bylaws for clarity. You gotta read it. There’s actually some noteworthy stuff in there. Seriously.

9–02 – To Amend Various Bylaws to Address Practical Considerations
Amends various bylaws for “practical considerations”. In other words, to make them work properly or to reflect how things are being done. You gotta read it. There’s actually some noteworthy stuff in there. Seriously again.

9–03 – To Amend Bylaw 3.7.1 to Clarify the Commencement Date for Members of the Board of Trustees—Concordia Plans/Board of Directors—Concordia Plan Services and Eliminate Obsolete Provisions
Makes crystal clear the days that members of various Boards for Concordia Plans begin their service, and also removes some stuff that is obsolete. You gotta read it.

9–04 – To Amend Bylaw 3.1.8 to No Longer Require Publication of Delegate Mailing Addresses
Currently, all Delegates to the Synod Convention have their mailing addresses published in the Workbook, both print and PDF on the Internet. In public. This changes what is printed to just the name of the congregation the Delegate is from, in keeping with good privacy practices. It also eliminates the selling or distributing of Delegate contact information apart from official Convention use.

9–05 – To Amend the Constitution to Address Individual Membership and Advisory Representation
Makes changes to the LCMS Constitution to clarify various confusions around membership in Synod and representation at various conventions. In part this cleans up language so that the Constitution doesn’t have to be amended every time we add a different commissioned ministry title, etc. This is a Constitution change so will require a 2/3 majority to pass, as well as ratification by a 2/3 majority of congregations that choose to vote on its ratification, following the Convention.

9–06 – To Add Bylaw to Clarify Access by the Board of Directors to Information of Synod Agencies
The resolution provides the Board of Directors authority to obtain records from any agency of the Synod having to do with property or other oversight areas that the Synod Board of Directors is given by the Constitution and/or Bylaws.

9–07 – To Amend Synod Bylaws and
This resolution does much more than the title makes it seem. It changes the number of candidates on the ballot for Synod President from 3 to 5, and instructs the Secretary of Synod to adjust the election process as needed to accomodate the additional candidates.

9–08 – To Amend Bylaws to Clarify Multi-congregation Parish Representation at the Circuit Forum
Clarifies that a multi-congregation parish (e.g. a dual parish, tri-point parish, etc.) is regarded as one parish according to voting representation, yet each other congregation in the parish from which no voting delegate comes is entitled to an advisory lay delegate at Circuit Forums.

9–09 – To Amend Bylaws to Change the Board of Directors’ Means of Representation on Synodwide Corporate Entities Boards of Directors
Changes the bylaws to allow the Board of Directors to appoint another non-voting representative (other than the CFO, who is the default) on various Boards of Directors for Synod entities. This is proposed for the sake of the CFO’s time. Currently the CFO is the named only representative of the Board of Directors to sit on the other Boards.

9–10 – To Create a Task Force to Study a Four-Year Convention Cycle
Instead of just creating a four-year cycle like has been proposed at the 2010, 2013, and 2016 conventions (all voted down), this time it is proposed to create a task force estimated to cost $110,800 to study the feasibility of a four-year convention cycle, and to report back to the 2022 convention the findings so they can consider whether or not to move to a four-year convention cycle.

9–11 – To Address Residency Requirements for District Regional Positions
Clarifies that, for district regional positions, residency requirements regard the location of the congregation in which they are members, rather than specifically their residence address. (The example given is one who might live in another state just across a border, yet have membership in a congregation in another district.)

9–12 – To Clarify the Meaning of Parish as it Relates to Congregational Representation at District Conventions and Election of the Synod President, and to Distinguish Assisting Capacity Pastoral Calls
Has a lengthy rationale for the bylaw changes being made. You gotta read it.

9–13 – To Amend Bylaw (d) to Permit Floor Nominations by the Region in Election of Regional Vice-Presidents
Changes the bylaws so that, from the floor of the Convention, additions can be made to the slate of regional vice-presidents from any name on the list of nominees who received at least 5 nominations, but who was not in the top 5.

9–14 – To Amend Bylaw Regarding the Election of Nonvoting and Advisory Delegates
Allows for electronic means of meeting to elect district nonvoting and advisory delegates to Synod convention.

9–15 – To Respectfully Decline Overtures
Declines submitted specific overtures for the reasons given.