The Martyr Church: a Devotion for the Church in Convention

Rev. Anthony Dodgers posted a sermon/devotion at Gottesdienst that we at Synod Convention Update commend to you as we prepare for the work in Tampa in just a few more days.

A highlight:

In one sense, the Church is both winning and losing. From the perspective of the sinful flesh and this sinful world, we are always losing, always dying. From the perspective of the risen Lord, always living, always rising. And this means that the martyr Church will never be fully welcome in the corridors of power. And we must not let the lords of this world convince us that they will accept us and we can have a seat at the cool kids’ table so long as we play by their rules. We would be swept away by the dragon’s flood of depravity and lies if it were not for our Lord’s merciful deliverance and our certainty that one day He will judge the scoffers, the power-hungry, and the worldly-wise.