Resolution Overview – Floor Committee 8

We want to make your life a little bit easier as you prepare for the Synod Convention. We’re compiling short summaries of all the Resolutions found in Today’s Business #1. This is not so that Delegates don’t take the time to carefully study all of the Resolutions, but for reference after that, to quickly have an idea about what resolution is what. Or perhaps these summaries will help you understand what you just read! Either way, please make use of these as you find helpful.

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Floor Committee 8 – Finance

8–01 – To Encourage Congregations to Support Pastoral Formation
This resolution encourages congregations to take a special thank offering whenever a pastor is installed or odained, or on the anniversary of a pastor’s ordination, to support either the LCMS joint seminary fund or one of our two seminaries directly.

8–02 – To Encourage a Synodwide 1.1.1 Funding Model for Defined Mission Outcomes
This resolution encourages congregations to use a 1.1.1 mission funding model ($1 per member per week special giving), in order to help fund the mission work of the districts and Synod. The resolution also encourages the LCMS Board of Directors and districts to have clearly defined mission outcomes that they inform the member congregations about, for the sake of encouragement in giving and transparency in the use of funds.

8–03 – To Ensure Timely and Transparent Financial Reporting in the Synod
This resolution highlights the reporting that has been done first in The Lutheran Witness, and in 2018 in an annual report to the Synod, regarding the work of the Synod and the use of proper stewardship of finances in that work. It encourages further timely and transparent reporting from all of the agencies of the Synod. Notably missing from the resolution is explicit instruction that districts offer up transparent and clear reports on their stewardship of congregations’ gifts.

8–04 – To Respectfully Decline Overtures
Declines submitted specific overtures for the reasons given.