Resolution Overview – Floor Committee 6

We want to make your life a little bit easier as you prepare for the Synod Convention. We’re compiling short summaries of all the Resolutions found in Today’s Business #1. This is not so that Delegates don’t take the time to carefully study all of the Resolutions, but for reference after that, to quickly have an idea about what resolution is what. Or perhaps these summaries will help you understand what you just read! Either way, please make use of these as you find helpful.

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Floor Committee 6 – Pastoral Ministry and Seminaries

6–01 – To Support and Participate in the Comprehensive Church Worker Recruitment Initiative
As the resolution indicates in the whereas section, enrollment in church worker programs is significantly down. This encourages participation by all “constituents of the LCMS” participate in a planned recruitment initiative.

6–02 – To Promote Residential Seminary Education as the Preferred Option for the Preparation of Men for Pastoral Ministry
The resolution endorses a report of the 13–03 task force that recognizes the benefit of residential seminary education, and commends their recommendations to the Pastoral Formation Committee for use. The PFC will report back to the 2022 convention.

6–03 – To Enhance the Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) Program
The SMP program has its uses, and this resolution seeks to strengthen the program further for the benefit of the men enrolled in it, as well as the congregations that they will serve. It also seeks to remove some disunity between the SMP and residential programs by moving ordination to the end of the SMP program, as it is in the residential program.

6–04 – To Support, Encourage, and Expect Continuing Education for all Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Pastors
The resolution puts forward the need for ongoing education of LCMS pastors. Note the word “expect.” While there is no enforcement in this resolution, this gives the convention the opportunity to speak strongly as to the expectation of LCMS pastors engaging in regular continuing education.

6–05 – To Thank Those Involved in Rostering Licensed Lay Deacons
The 2016 convention put an end to the use of Licensed Lay Deacons for word and sacrament ministry, and provided a route to ordination for those men who desired to continue serving. The process has been well handled and this resolution thanks all those involved for their work in seeing things through.

6–06 – To Give God Praise and Glory for Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne’s 175th Anniversary
As the resolution title states, so the resolution does.

6–07 – To Support and Utilize Preach the Word
Commends the LCMS program “Preach the Word”, which provides ongoing training for pastors in the preaching task.

6–08 – To Respectfully Decline Overtures
Declines submitted specific overtures for the reasons given.