Resolution Overview – Floor Committee 5

We want to make your life a little bit easier as you prepare for the Synod Convention. We’re compiling short summaries of all the Resolutions found in Today’s Business #1. This is not so that Delegates don’t take the time to carefully study all of the Resolutions, but for reference after that, to quickly have an idea about what resolution is what. Or perhaps these summaries will help you understand what you just read! Either way, please make use of these as you find helpful.

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Floor Committee 5 – Theology and Church Relations

5–01 – To Recognize Altar and Pulpit Fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Belgium
Formally recognizes altar and pulpit fellowship with the ELKB, which we were formerly in fellowship with under a different name. Be sure to read the Whereas section on this one!

5–02 – To Endorse Altar and Pulpit Fellowship with the Portuguese Evangelical Lutheran Church
The bylaws of the Synod allow the President of the Synod to recognize fellowship with small or developing church bodies in the middle of a triennium, with said fellowship to then be officially endorsed by the Synod in Convention later. This resolution endorses fellowship already recognized by the President of the Synod.

5–03 – To Recognize Altar and Pulpit Fellowship with the Confessional Lutheran Church of South Africa
5–04 – To Recognize Altar and Pulpit Fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church in Denmark
These resolutions both formally recognize altar and pulpit fellowship with the respective Lutheran church bodies.

5–05 – To Clarify Status of LCMS Relationships in Sri Lanka
This resolution formally recognizes an end to altar and pulpit fellowship with a now-defunct church body, and encourages work with a newly established Lutheran body in Sri Lanka.

5–06 – To Amend Bylaw regarding Altar and Pulpit Fellowship with New Church Bodies Formed by Partner Churches
As mentioned above in 5–02, the bylaws provide a process by which the President of the Synod can recognize altar and pulpit fellowship in the middle of a triennium for small or newly established Lutheran church bodies, to then be endorsed by the Synod in Convention at the next regular convention. This resolution adds a subsection to the bylaws regarding altar and pulpit fellowship, providing that same authority to the President when it comes to newly established Lutheran bodies that have been formed from a portion of already existing, in-fellowship body.

5–07 – To Clarify the Relationship between LCMS Partner Churches and the Lutheran World Federation
Some of the LCMS partner churches are also members of the LWF. The LWF is very problematic, theology-wise. The LWF understand itself to be an organization with altar and pulpit fellowship built in between its members. Some of our partner churches do not consider the LWF in this way. This resolution directs the President of the Synod to engage these partner churches to receive clarification on their position, and to prepare a report to the 2022 Convention recommending what to do with our fellowship with these various partner churches based on what he learns.

5–08 – To Commend and Support the International Lutheran Council
The ILC is “growing worldwide association of established confessional Lutheran church bodies, among them The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), which proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the basis of an unconditional commitment to the Holy Scriptures as the inspired and infallible Word of God and to the Lutheran Confessions contained in the Book of Concord as the true and faithful exposition of the Word of God…” This resolution commends the council and encourages LCMS members to further learn about it.

5–09 – To Confess the Biblical Six-Day Creation, to Encourage Pastoral Conferences to Study Our Synod’s Statements on Creation, and to Help Congregations Concertedly Address Issues Related to the Intersections of Faith and Science
Reiterates previous statements of the LCMS about the authority of Scripture in instructing us as to God’s creating the world and everything in it in six days. It also acknowledges the intersection of faith and science being a noteworthy are of questioning and stumbling amongst the people of the Synod’s congrgeations, particularly young people. It also commends several CTCR documents for study and discussion.

5–10 – To Commend the Lutheran Church—Canada CTCR Report Cremation and the Christian
Does what it says. The CTCR and the seminaries have already examined the document and commended it. However, one issue is that the report to be commended is not found in the Convention materials. It can be found here or here (locally hosted copy).

5–11 – To Address Questions about Unity in Doctrine and Uniformity and Variety in Practice
Synod’s Constitution contains a direction to have unity in doctrine and uniformity and variety in practice. This is of course somewhat vague and flexible. Questions arise as to what exactly this means. This directs the CTCR to prepare a study document and bible study on how this unity, and uniformity and variety, relate to one another.

5–12 – To Reaffirm Scriptural Teaching on the Royal Priesthood and the Office of the Public Ministry
This resolution reaffirms previous Synod statements and documents, and commends certain documents for study and discussion, as to the scriptural teaching mentioned in the title.

5–13 – To Reaffirm and Clarify Biblical Teaching on Man and Woman in the Church
Encourages the CTCR to continue and complete its ongoing study on the scriptural teaching and ordering of man and woman, male and female. It also adds some specific areas and questions to be addressed in the complete study.