Rev. Ben Ball – Gifted Churchman in the SID

Pastor Ben Ball serves Jesus Christ and the Church at large as a leader in the Southern Illinois District. Pastor Ball serves as the 2nd Vice President of the District, being seated on the Praesidium and the Board of Directors. He has also served as a circuit visitor and is currently a member of the SID Pastoral Conference Committee. Additionally, he has served in various capacities at various Synodical and District Conventions.

Pastor Ball is a bold confessor and defender of the Gospel according to the Lutheran Confessions. Within the context of district administration, that is reflected by his interest that every decision that is made be first in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its proclamation, and secondly, that such decisions be made in good order so that nothing interferes with the proclamation of the Gospel. Pastor Ball’s service in formal and informal roles in the district is done with persistence, attention to detail, and with a proactive attitude.

Pastor Ball’s experience as a pastor and leader in the Church is most clearly seen when he works with others to educate, teach, and catechize toward consensus and concord.   When Pastor Ball serves on a floor committee, the district Board of Directors, or facilitates elections at District Convention, he is quick to clearly and helpfully instruct others.  With the goal of encouragement and a clear confession of the Gospel, Pastor Ball partners with others and helps them to understand all sides of complex issues so that everyone is informed and can act in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus.

For these reasons, we at Synod Convention Update recommend a vote for Pastor Ben Ball as Central Region Vice President. The gifts and consensus that he has brought to the Southern Illinois District are just as helpful at the Synodical level as they are at the District level as we seek to be faithfully Lutheran together.