1st VP Slate and Nominee Changes

Secretary Sias has published an official notice, making public the slate of 5 nominees on the ballot for First Vice-President of the Synod. The ballot is:

  • Christopher S. Esget
  • Peter K. Lange
  • Scott R. Murray
  • John C. Wille
  • John C. Wohlrabe Jr.

All five on the slate are faithful, joyful Lutherans who would serve well in the office. We at Synod Convention Update recommend a vote for Peter K. Lange.

Here’s what District President Lange has to say in his personal statement:

It’s a joy to serve the church as President of the Kansas District, just as it would be a joy and an honor to serve our Synod as First Vice-President. Devoted foremost to supporting the faithful ministry of our Lord’s Word and Sacraments, I would work in my capacity as First Vice-President to build strong relationships with colleagues and everyone I serve while assisting the President in fulfilling the constitutional and convention mandates of our Synod. In short, I would try to do my small part to help the Body of Christ build itself up in love (Eph. 4).

Also included in this notice are a few changes (additions and removals) to slates of nominees up for election to other positions in the Synod. These updated slates should be noted in Today’s Business #2 when it is published, but we recommend making note in your convention materials even now.

Check out the whole notice here.