Resolution Overview – Floor Committee 2

We want to make your life a little bit easier as you prepare for the Synod Convention. We’re compiling short summaries of all the Resolutions found in Today’s Business #1. This is not so that Delegates don’t take the time to carefully study all of the Resolutions, but for reference after that, to quickly have an idea about what resolution is what. Or perhaps these summaries will help you understand what you just read! Either way, please make use of these as you find helpful.

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Floor Committee 2 – International Witness

2–01 – To Thank God for 125 Years of International Mission through The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod
The title says it all.

2–02 – To Give Thanks to God for the Work of the Office of International Mission in the Asia Region
2–03 – To Give Thanks to God for the Work of the Office of International Mission in the Latin American and Caribbean Region
2–04 – To Give Thanks to God for the Work of the Office of International Mission in the Eurasia Region
2–05 – To Give Thanks to God for the Work of the Office of International Mission in the Africa Region
All of these resolutions highlight the work the LCMS is doing in various regions throughout the world, and then commends especially the regional directors of said regions. These resolutions seem intended to provide opportunity for further highlighting of the work at the Convention.

2–06 – To Encourage Support of Short-Term International Mission Activities
A previously issued CCM opinion and a guidance document published by Synod have sown a bit of confusion as to whether short-term mission work may be undertaken by anyone other than the Synod through the Office of International Mission. This clarifies that yes, that is allowed, and asks the Synod to update the guidance document to make this clear.

2–07 – To Strengthen and Encourage the Partnership of our Congregations in International Mission through the Board for International Mission
Along with 2–06, this resolution seeks to clarify how short-term mission work ought to be handled, encouraging that while congregations, RSOs, etc. may do short-term work, that is most helpful when done in consultation with the LCMS Office of International Mission. Various reasons for this are given, especially for safety and church-relations reasons.

2–08 – To Give Thanks for Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Ministry to the Armed Forces
Gives thanks for, and encourages congregations to participate in, the ministry to the Armed Forces both within the military as well as for those who are now home and in the civilian population.

2–09 – To Encourage and Support International Theological Education by the Synod and Our Seminaries in Aid of World Lutheran Churches
Gives thanks for and endorses the work our seminaries are doing in helping to provide theological education both here and abroad for Lutheran church bodies around the world.

2–10 – To Commend the Lutheran Heritage Foundation on its 25th Anniversary
The Lutheran Heritage Foundation provides translations of Lutheran foundational texts in many languages. This highlights this work and commends and encourages it.