President Harrison: Let’s Be Who We Are

The first step in being better than you are is to be who you are. Every day that I wake up as Synod president, I resolve to do what’s right. When I was called to be head of LCMS World Relief and Human Care, I met with Dr. Barry to get his advice. (Little did I know that he would die just a few weeks later.) His advice to me was very simple: “Every day, walk across the road and pick up a stone and carry it to the other side. Pretty soon, you’ll notice that you’ve moved quite a pile.” He gave me that advice not 10 feet from where I’m writing right now. Folksy, but true.

The LCMS has plenty of warts and imperfections. That’s always true of the Church on this earth (see Paul’s letters to Galatia and Corinth). But she’s the best thing going. When I say we ought to be who we are, I’m not saying don’t innovate, think outside the box, try something new, take a risk for the sake of the Gospel mission. I’m saying, in all these things we cannot and must not lose our fundamental, biblical, confessional and (above all) Gospel bearings.

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